Perspectives from the Gamble Jones team

10 Admired Women in Wealth Management 2022!

We are so proud of our President, Alison Gamble! Alison has been featured by Aspioneer as one of 10 Admired Women in Wealth Management for 2022! Please click here to read the full article.

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Year-end Planning Opportunities

The holiday season is here and 2023 is approaching quickly. Now is the time to get a jump start on your year-end planning. Please review the following planning strategies and contact us with any questions.

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Newsletter – Quarter 3, 2022

The stock market’s third quarter performance reminds us of the opening lines of A Tale of Two Cities.  The first several weeks were “the best of times,” as stocks started the quarter on an up-note and appreciated meaningfully.  The catalyst was the Fed’s late-June meeting, after which investors seemed to think the toughest and most aggressive part of the Fed’s fight against inflation was over.  This optimistic sentiment gave way to “the worst of times” as investors turned pessimistic midway through the quarter.  Inflation readings continued to be elevated and Fed Governors seemed to back away from achieving an economic soft-landing. 

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Intra-family Gifting

When creating a gifting strategy for family, outright gifts may not be ideal if the recipients are minors or if you wish to limit or delay the beneficiary’s access to the gifted assets.  UTMA accounts, 529 Plans, and special trusts are just a few of the gifting vehicles available that allow donors to utilize the annual gift exclusion amount ($16,000/per donor in 2022).

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Annual Insurance Review

Insurance is a pillar of successful financial planning, so it is important to periodically review your various insurance policies and to modify them as your situation evolves. Below is an outline for reviewing your home, auto, and life insurance.  Please review the article Planning for Long-term Care for general information on long-term care insurance.  

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Newsletter – Quarter 2, 2022

Investors will likely look back at the 2010s as an ideal period for owning assets.  Valuations were low for many asset classes as we exited the Great Recession of 2008-2009, the economy was recovering – albeit  at a low growth rate, and inflation levels were low and very consistent.  To add to this ideal environment, the Federal Reserve (“Fed”) provided a tailwind to asset prices by keeping interest rates at or near zero while implementing quantitative easing (“QE”), a practice in which the Fed purchases treasuries and mortgage-backed securities.  Every time the Fed attempted to normalize monetary policy by raising rates and reducing QE, markets reacted negatively.  Fearing a deflationary spiral from the decline of asset prices in a highly indebted economy, these adverse market reactions were met swiftly with the Fed reverting back to easy monetary policy.  

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PCDA Harvest Moon Gala 2022

Professional Child Development Associates (PCDA) celebrated its 25th anniversary on May 22, 2022, with an outdoor gala at the Langham Huntington Hotel’s Horseshoe Garden! Gamble Jones was pleased to sponsor and attend the beautiful event. In their 25 years of service, PCDA has supported tens-of-thousands of children and their families to live richer, fuller lives and thus create their own special legacy.