Cyber Security Best Practices

Cyber security has become a giant topic over the last couple of years. With all the different companies talking about breaches of client information, we often forget about all the individuals that could potentially have their own cyber breach. With the tax season well on its way, we at Gamble Jones wanted to arm you with some easy do-it-yourself procedures that can help protect you from a cyber-crime.

By incorporating the following procedures, you will decrease the potential of a nefarious act against you:

  • Keep your computer virus definition files current with the latest updates from your provider.
  • Apply all critical updates for your operating system on your home computer.
  • Change your email password a minimum of every 6 months; it should contain at least 8 characters, if not more, and incorporate capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Turn on dual factor authentication for your email if provided.
    When you update your email password, update all social media and other online portals using a different password.
  • Make sure your financial institutions (broker, attorney, accountant, etc.) send confidential information via a secure client portal or through encrypted email.
  • Verify any money movement transactions with your financial institutions and double-check any money movement instructions by phone.

Gamble Jones takes your personal and confidential information very seriously. Here are some of the procedures we take to protect you:

  • We voice verify all money movement. If you send us an email to move money, expect a phone call from our client service team to verify your request.
  • We will not act on the money movement until we verify it with you first.We will only contact you using the phone number we have for you in our system. If an email has a different contact number, we will not use it. If you have updated your phone number or address, please let us know.
  • We will only send personal and confidential information via the secure online portal or our encrypted email system.

Cyber security can be a scary topic, and Gamble Jones can only do so much to help protect you. By implementing the procedures above, your online profile will become more secure and you will have greater peace of mind in knowing that your finances are protected.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your relationship manager. We are here to help.


Gamble Jones Investment Counsel