In the Community

GJIC Christmas Volunteering at Five Acres

This year Tom Jones , Kristen Mitchel, Aram Schotts and Natalie Perez volunteered with Five Acres for their Annual Christmas Celebration.  The kids get dressed up, filled up with lots of delicious food then talk about the things they are most thankful for this Holiday.

GJIC Annual Toy Sorting

Gamble Jones helped sort through hundreds of toys on December 13. 2018 at the Five Acres Campus.

Kristen Mitchel, Colby Hackerman and Bridget Garcia 

Supporting Families Forward

Families Forward Learning Center prepares families living in isolation and poverty to succeed in school and in life through two-generation learning programs. Natalie Perez and Kristen Mitchel handpicked items from organizations wish list and delivered the items to Families Forward on June 4, 2018. 


Cancer Support Community Elects New Board Members

Cancer Support Community Pasadena has elected two new members — local residents Alison Gamble and Clay Marquardt — to serve on its board of directors.

Gamble, a graduate of University of San Diego, is president of Gamble Jones Investment Counsel located in Pasadena. She joined the firm in 1993, became a portfolio manager in 1995, and a principal in the firm in 1998. She has served as president of the firm since 2011. Gamble is also an Advisory Board member of the Pasadena Community Foundation. In addition, she serves on the board of trustees at Mayfield Junior School and will be the board chair effective July 1.

Gamble and husband Mark reside in Altadena and have two children, Matthew, 14, and Grace, 12. She enjoys playing tennis, traveling (especially in their RV) and reading. “I was honored to be asked to join the CSCP board as this organization has a special place for my husband and me,” said Gamble. “My husband served on the board back in the late ’90s and this was my opportunity to serve this amazing organization that gives so much support to those dealing with cancer.”

Five Acres Annual Toy Sort

Gamble Jones staff helped sort through hundreds of toys on December 14. 2017 at the Five Acres Campus.

Tap Le, Justine Fonseca, Bridget Garcia, Rob Souza, Mike Erskine, Katie Roth, Kristen Mitchel, Natalie Perez, Alison Gamble


GJIC Participates In the Trust Fall Challenge

Gamble Jones is proud to be a 2017 Corporate Sponsor of Five Acres and encourage everyone to take part of the Trust Fall Challenge.  We want to help spread awareness of the Five Acres Mission to ensure that every child has a permanent family solution by 2020- #fall4fiveacres #20kBy2020  Five Acres–The Boys’ and Girls’ Aid Society of Los Angeles

We Challenge Hahn & Hahn LLP to take the Trust Fall Challenge!

Annual “Think Pink” fundraiser at ATCC

The Gamble Family supporting The Cancer Support Community at the annual “Think Pink” fundraiser at the ATCC