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Newsletter – Quarter 1, 2019

It is said that patience is a virtue; the stock market certainly appears to value it as such.  Following its worst December since 1931 due in large part to fears that the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates too aggressively amid rising economic uncertainty, the market sharply reversed course in the first quarter on the […]

What is a “Fiduciary”?

“A fiduciary is held to something stricter than the morals of the marketplace. Not honesty alone, but the punctilio of an honor the most sensitive, is then the standard of behavior.” – Justice Cardozo, Meinhard v. Salmon In an age of information overload and more investing options than ever before, investors must be able to […]

Get Planning with Gamble Jones

To better serve you and your family, we continue to invest in our services and technology. Over the past several months, we’ve invested in comprehensive financial planning tools and services to help you avoid potential pitfalls and reach your personal and financial goals.  We believe all clients would benefit from a periodic review of their […]

Newsletter – Quarter 4, 2018

Another year is in the books!  We trust you had a wonderful holiday and brought in the New Year with cheer.  A quick review of 2018 shows that the 2017 global equity rally continued into 2018 on the back of the U.S. corporate tax cut, deregulation, and solid global growth before reversing course in the […]

GJIC Christmas Volunteering at Five Acres

This year Tom Jones , Kristen Mitchel, Aram Schotts and Natalie Perez volunteered with Five Acres for their Annual Christmas Celebration.  The kids get dressed up, filled up with lots of delicious food then talk about the things they are most thankful for this Holiday.

Newsletter – Quarter 3, 2018

As French entertainer Maurice Chevalier once said, “Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative.”  The current bull market recently became the longest on record after reaching 3,453 days on August 22nd.  The rally, which began in March ’09 on the heels of the financial crisis, has been described as the most hated […]