GJIC ServicesAt Gamble Jones, our goal is to deliver superior long-term investment results through a disciplined approach to investing.  We achieve this through:

  • Fundamental Research
    to uncover truly great companies
  • Valuation Discipline
    to avoid paying too much for these companies
  • A Long-term Investment Approach
    to benefit from compounding

How We Construct Portfolios

  • Individual client objectives and risk tolerance dictate the asset allocation mix of each portfolio.
  • While we adhere to a policy of prudent diversifcation, we believe in concentrating capital in our best ideas, which typically leads to the construction of equity portfolios with 15-30 holdings.
  • This approach allows for extensive research and understanding of our investments.

Our Research Process

  • We utilize fundamental analysis to identify companies that we believe are undervalued relative to their normalized earnings power.
  • Our research driven process focuses on companies with differentiated business models, proven shareholder-oriented management teams, and robust free-cash flow.
  • These businesses typically have characteristics such as high returns on capital, organic growth, stable or expanding margins, and a demonstrated ability to consistently increase earnings and cash flow on a per-share basis.
  • We view our clients as part-owners of these companies and believe in letting these exceptional businesses create value over time.